Mini Magnum

Brand: Matrix

Perfect space saving machine with 9 drink selections - Cappuccino, latte, Espresso. White Coffee. Black Coffee. Chocolate. Choco Milk, Mocha and Hot water. Simple to use.


• Built-in menu including standard and large drinks
• Full audit facility
• High speed delivery/whipping system
• Advanced solid state heating 3kw (13A)
• Programming in grams & millilitres
• Pre-loaded drink defaults
• Low voltage (12v) D.C control system
• Integral flush system
• Mains water or pumped versions available
• Stand by ‘eco-mode’ built in
• 8 premium drinks
• Hot water on demand and measured
• Strong/large options as standard
• Compact size
• All zintec chassis/ polycarbonate door
• Metallic/polyester paint finish
• LED illuminated cup station

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