Milk Products

Milfresh Silver Milk Granules

Amount: 10 x 500g
Milfresh Silver Granulated Milk blend is a non-HVO, virtually fat free, authentic premium milk product which is suitable for all types of instant machines. Its natural taste makes it ideal for tea or coffee and it also makes a superb cappuccino and latte with a thick, creamy head.

Milfresh Gold Milk Granules

Amount: 10 x 500g
Resealable bags of Milfresh Gold Granulated Skimmed Milk designed for coffee and vending machines. 100% skimmed milk, nothing else. 

MasterVend Milk Granules

Amount: 10 x 500g
High quality milk granules replaces fresh milk

MasterVend Micro Granules

Amount: 10 x 750g
Fine granulated milk (H.V.O Free) Perfectly balanced neutral vending milk packed in 10 x vending packs.

Cappuccino Topping

Amount: 10 x 1kg
With PURE Cappuccino Topping each coffee beverage is refined with a perfectly whipped Topping crema and guarantees finest coffee enjoyment.

Tea & Coffee Whitener

Amount: 10 x 750g
Tea and coffee whitener, perfect topping for all coffees and teas.

Long Life Milk Portions

Amount: 120 x 12ml
Convenient and simple to use semi skimmed milk jigger pots. Just grab and go, peel and pour.

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