Coffee Instant Granules

Lavazza Prontissimo

Amount: 9 x 300g
Much more than instant coffeee, Prontissimo! is a 100% Arabica blend enriched with 20% finely ground coffee. Surprisingly rich and now with an even more tempting aroma: just one cup and you'll understand why Prontissimo! really makes the difference. 

Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Amount: 10 x 300g
Master Vend 100% Columbian freeze dried excellent flavour instant coffee.

Coffee Douwe Egberts

Amount: 10 x 300g
Pure Gold is made from a blend of the finest quality beans - both un/washed Arabica and Robusta. These beans have been roasted to give a medium and well balanced flavour and aroma making it accommodating for all tastes. This blend is suitable for drinking at any time of the day.

Gold Blend Granules

Amount: 10 x 300g
NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND is a premium instant coffee with a smooth, distinctive flavour and rich aroma. Our recipe contains mountain-grown Arabica beans ground 10 times finer, to unlock the soul of the bean. 

Decaf Instant

Amount: 10 x 250g
Decaffeinated ground coffee from the best Arabica coffee beans from South Africa and the Highlands of Central America or Oceania that have had most of their irritants and bitter compounds, as well as caffeine, gently removed.

Decaf Drinkpac Gold Blend Black

Amount: Box x 20's
Gold Blend coffee from Nescafe is made from a blend of Arabica beans and Robustas for an amazing coffee flavour with a hint of caramel. Decaffeinated version.

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